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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Continuing my support for Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto--Punisher Issue #5

Picked up this issue yesterday.  The only thing frustrating I find about it is that it is so good, that it is almost painful to reach the end a realize I need to wait another four, five or even six weeks for the next installment. 

The action is subdued, but the story advances, the characters become more layered, and the sense of impending conflict is heightened as The Punisher is clearly getting closer to the criminals at the top of the new criminal organization in New York, The Exchange. 

Art is superior and the storytelling continues to compel.  Reviews continue to be strong.  For example:

IGN: ("Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto continue their exploration of Frank Castle's world in Punisher #5 and find success like never before in achieving a clear depiction of how Frank affects the world around him. While the Punisher himself remains as elusive (and quiet) as ever in this installment, Rucka's decision to jump around between the criminals, the detectives, Rachel Cole and perhaps most importantly, a young kid that wanders into Frank's hideout, showcases the writer's understanding of what makes this character fascinating. Spoiler: it's not just that he's a badass."  Rating 9/10

It is not to late to pick up all of the first five issues.  Great stuff!


  1. Awesome article and interview with previews of things to come with this book!

  2. And from CBR, 4.5 out of 5 stars (Doug Zawisza, reviewer).

    And from The Pull List, an A:

    And an A from The Weekly Comic Book Review as well:

    Go Greg go!

  3. Oops, and one more. Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews returns as its verdict on Punisher Issue 5: "Must Read"

    Pure Awesome!

  4. Okay, and I am putting down one more because it is both positive and very amusing in the review. From Crisis on Infinite Midlives:


    One thread that flows throughout these reviews is the presumption that The Punisher did the killing that is discussed in detail at the home of one of the Exchange Board Members.

    The Police assume it was him, the Exchange leadership appears to assume it. However, Rucka has been very good about showing us things. Maybe Frank Castle did kill those Exchange goons. As everyone says, it fits his M.O. But the Frank Castle we saw in the book is in preparation mode. He does not yet appear operational. At the end of the book, it seems like he has reactivated, despite incomplete healing. However, Rachel Cole-Alves, she is ironically in much better condition than Frank at this point, and she is packing heat.

    I recall the guiding words attributed to a Marine, to the effect of, be professional and respectful, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room. Did Cole-Alves start her own campaign against the Exchange in this issue? Did the Punisher get back on track, or is someone cleaning house at the Exchange and using The Punisher's M.O. to cover their tracks? Is something else going on?

    I don't claim to know what is going on. However, I want to keep the options open, and while it looks like The Punisher took out those Exchange soldiers, I have learned that Rucka is a writer with whom it is good not to make assumptions. Because we did not see who did the killing, but the characters were telling us it MUST have been The Punisher, that is when alarm lights go off for me and I start to think that something else might be going on.

    Have to wait and see.