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Monday, February 20, 2012

Marvel Launch Week

So, I have written quite a bit about the upcoming game release of Margaret Weis Productions new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game .  It is not so upcoming now, as midnight tonight sees the release of the PDF.

Today, despite being a holiday, I am a bit pressed for time, so I'll just point out two great resources that have made things clearer about what the game does, how it does it, and what is planned for the line.

First, there's the information that outlines how things are organized for the game's launch parties: here.  Looks like there are play opportunities for some of the more popular, interesting and diverse characters from Marvel.  Not perfect, of course, but a good sample nonetheless and good for showing what can be done by the system.

Second, there is a very interesting interview with game author Cam Banks at the BAMF podcast.

I'd say everything is looking very good, and I am very interested to get my game on with the system next month.

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