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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A brief shout out

Let me just say that writer Justin Peniston and artist William Orr are really great creative minds and really nice people.

Justin writes web comics (among other things) both Hunter Black and Planet Pantheon.  Hunter Black is hard boiled fantasy, basically taking some of the tropes of the American Noir tradition and placing them in a fantasy setting that any reader of George R.R. Martin or player of Dungeons and Dragons will immediately recognize.  William is the artist for Hunter Black.  I love his style.  He is highly influenced by the seminal Samurai Jack animated show, but he totally owns his version of the style that shows up.  I love Hunter Black.  Planet Pantheon is still growing on me.  It is a blend of science fiction, mythology and heroic journey which has been a slower build out of the gate.  I recommend it and am sticking with it because there is clear quality involved, and I believe it is going to pay off.

Anyone out there, definitely read these web comics, and if you are lucky enough to get to a con where these guys have a table, say "hi", buy some of their awesome posters, and help them make their work pay.  These guys need to eat to be able to create, y'know!

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