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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A couple more things . . . to listen to.

Hi all.

So, a couple more things that I have encountered that are great fun.

First, following a link posted by @13thAge, I was led to The Adventure Zone, and actual play podcast for D&D 5e with a twist.  The GM and players are all family, three brothers and their dad.  All are broadcast and comedic veterans, and they all plainly get along and really enjoy each other's company.  The D&D world is at its gonzo finest, and any trope or trapping is likely to show up, as long as it is fun, and if it gets a laugh so much the better.  I binge listened to everything that is out so far, and it is terrific.  For those with sensitive ears, the banter gets reasonably profane, but never mean spirited.

Not only is this a fun listen, but there have been a dozen laugh out loud moments, and at least one, in a recent episode, where I laughed so hard it was difficult to breath.

No THAT'S entertainment!

Also, I have mentioned Brave New Dungeon before.  However, Big Al has embarked on a new project which is worth highlighting:Storytime.

Big Al is experimenting with his post production work, adding sound effects, background noise, music, all to make a rich listening experience.  He runs a one shot with a randomly generated dungeon crawl from Donjon and a meetup of new and old acquaintances of his online.  The players are really going for it as far as creating memorable and wacky characters for this one shot, and Big Al's post production work really adds to the enjoyment of the listening.

I have already mentioned how much I admire Al in his ability to sit down with a mixed online "table" of strangers and friends and give them all a great game.  Now he is stretching his creative skills even farther to create an immersive experience for his listeners which really impresses.

So far their are two episodes of Storytime out.  They are really worth a listen!

Game on!

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