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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, in the new prototype game from Evil Hat (, Zeppelin Armada, the designer uses the term "yoink" to describe a particular card seizing mechanic used in the game.  At first, as I read the rules, I thought this might be a quaint informalism that might get polished out of the rules.  However, I soon realized that it was a very important and particular term of art.  And, as you will see, my son easily adopted the term (and the ethos) so I would say it's a keeper.

Sunday I had intended to get in a game of Zeppelin Armada and report a playtest thereafter.  One thing and another and the day got to busy and we were scheduled to have dinner with friends at one of our neighbor's houses that evening.  We took some games, though we usually end up just chatting after dinner, but I threw in the game components, just in case.

Later in the evening, while we were sitting around the table talking, I heard my son shout from downstairs in our neighbor's basement "Fireball!"

I realized, that my carefully assembled game had been yoinked!

I did not get to observe, supervise or record the play, so it is not likely a great playtest from a scientific point of view.

However, within an hour I did an audio recorded interview using my smartphone and discussed what had happened with my son and sent that off as a first installment on my promise to playtest.  Ian had some interesting observations.  As we play more, we will see how they develop for us.

And, just as a preview of "the future" we did do a full playtest Monday night.  I just need to write it up . . .

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