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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In anticipation

The new issue of Punisher is out today.  In anticipation, I post a link to this funny and insightful essay/review by Tyrel Kessinger:  How Greg Rucka has made The Punisher Cool (

Worth a read.


  1. Another interesting take on Rucka's run on The Punisher:

    "Greg Rucka Secretly Revives Gotham Central...

    ....In the form of a Punisher comic?!"

    "And editor Steve Wacker isn’t afraid to make it crystal clear that Rucka is reviving Gotham Central. The title page is EXACTLY the same as the title page for Gotham Central. From the layout of the page down to the font used - it is EXACTLY the same. And y’know what? Gotham Central was an absolutely fantastic series, so I guess that means that The Punisher…. Is a great…. Comic….

    Man, that was hard to write. But it’s true! Realistic, fascinating, clever and intriguing, The Punisher is well worth your time."

  2. Thanks for spreading my words! Love it!

    -tyrel kessinger