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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Punisher Issue 7: The String

It was a busy week and so my only work on my ongoing Punisher obsession has been to aggregate the reviews.  Once again, the majority are positive, but there are definitely some dissenters out there.  I loved issue 7 and thought it brought more depth to the story and the characters.  I look forward to more from this series.

Here is what others thought.  [additional links will appear in the comments]

Weekly Comic Book Review (Grade B)

Comic Book Resources (4/5 stars)

CraveOnline ( 8.6/10) ("One of the 5-10 books at Marvel that I’m still enjoying is The Punisher")

iFanboy review by grassman (Story 5/5; Art 5/5)

Multiversity Comics (9.0/10.0)

Damn Good Comics ("Over the past six months, writer Greg Rucka has managed to make the Punisher interesting again . . .")

Never Iron Anything (10/10)

Henchmen 4-Hire (3/5: alright!)

Modern Myth Media (A)

IGN (9/10)

CBR (4/5 stars)

Comic Vine (5/5 stars)

League of Comic Geeks [aggregator of reviews like Rotten Tomatoes for movies] (100% positive reviews)

Don't hate the Geek (List of Top Picks of the Week)

Punisher: The War Room (C-)

Vasegurt's Review of Comic Culture ("This issue follows two detectives trying to clean up the Punisher’s mess, and it may be the best chapter in the series so far")

Weedbeater's Comic Reviews (4/5)