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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspired by 13th Age: Part Four--The House of Twilight (Deep Deities and Tricksters)

This is the fourth in a series of posts about a sketch of a cosmology and pantheon for the game 13th Age from Pelgrane Press.  The first post can be found here, the second here and the third here.
The House of Twilight

Titles: Mountain God, The Sky-Earth Bridge, Old Deep Roots, Autumn God, The Miser, Thunderer, Binder of Secrets, Jeweler
13th Age Domains: Lore, Strength
Other Keywords: Artifice, Darkness, Earth, Runes, Skill, Storm, Wealth

Remote, secretive, dangerous, wealthy and powerful: Duranatos is all that and more.  He is highly revered by the Dwarves of the Empire and the line of the Dwarf King is said to descend from him.  His roots reach deep into the underworld, and his realm extends into the Overworld.  His power is respected and feared by all, and both Dwarves and Giants seek to propitiate him.  It is said that he capture the light of Urvonobos to adorn the night sky with stars.  One of his many symbols is the high mountain wreathed in thunderheads and lightning.

Titles: Mistress of Deep Waters, Earth Shaker, Oath Keeper, Revenger, She who gives and takes, Goddess of Speech
13th Age Domains: Beauty, Strength, Vengeance
Other Keywords: Destruction, Law, Ocean, Trade, Travel, Water

Merahnon is another of the deep deities.  She is absolute ruler of the deep waters of the world.  She is radiant beauty in dark water.  A shockwave from her wrath can level cities, swamp islands, end empires.  She oversees customary law, oaths, trade and travel.  Those who violate the law are subject to her revenges.  The wealth of the seas are hers to offer, and the lives and livelihoods of all those who touch water are hers to take.

Titles: Sand Walker, Pathfinder, Gateway to the Deadlands, Messenger, Merchant, Spy, Keeper of the Secret Ways, The Wandering Moon
13th Age Domains: Community, Death, Illusion, Lore
Other Keywords: Change, Magic, Moon, Trade, Travel

The followers of Sendowa prepare the dead for burial.  For many, this service at the end of life is the main community role of Sendowa’s following.  However, Sendowa opens many more doorways that simply sending the dead to their rest and reward (or punishment).  Sendowa is a patron of travelers, traders, heralds and messengers.  Sendowa is an explorer and a trail blazer and a passer of barriers.  Sendowa knows secrets and finds secrets.  While the moon wanders mostly in the night sky, the moon, Sendowa, also creeps into the day at times in the morning and at night.  Wiley are the ways of Sendowa.

Titles: The Trickster, The Thief, The Shapeshifter, Bright Comet, Dark Raven, Slinking Jakal,The Fool, The Silvertongue
13th Age Domains: Illusion, Trickery
Other Keywords: Chaos, Creation, Darkness, Destruction, Madness

Pillizoro is the Trickster.  (S)he may be brave, or foolish, or malicious, or mad, or all of those things put together.  The tales of Pillizoro often pair her/him with Sendowa on the missions of the gods.  Pillizoro gets them into trouble as much as (s)he gets them out of it.  Still, this jester of creation brought many things to aid the peoples of the world in legendary times, from magical plants, to fire, to even finding the Sun herself and releasing her during the Chaos War’s time of Darkness.  Pillizoro takes many forms and wears many masks.  Seemings, glamours, and practical jokes gone very wrong are all hallmarks of Pillizoro.  A comet in the sky signals the ascendancy of Pillizoro and heralds a time of chaos.

That completes the four houses as worshipped in my version of the Dragon Empire, but I have at least one more post in me on this topic.  While the Four Houses view of the universe dominates the Dragon Empire, an earlier view of things hangs on.  A dualistic view that sees the Four Houses as obscuring illusions to the fundemental nature of cosmic conflict ongoing in the universe.  Also, I have some notes on some demihuman views of the deities of the Four Houses.  So, stay tuned.

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