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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspired by 13th Age: Part Three--The House of Dawn (It's not all sunshine and gumdrops)

This is the third in a series of posts about a sketch of a cosmology and pantheon for the game 13th Age from Pelgrane Press.  The first post can be found here, and the second here.

The House of Dawn

Titles: Dawn Goddess, Bewitcher, The Cat, The Many-shaped, Tamer of Animals
13th Age Domains: Beauty, Love, Trickery
Other Keywords: Animals, Chaos, Light, Magic

Fickle goddess of the Dawn; she gave the peoples the way to domesticate animals.  She also makes men and women wild with desire.  She favors the cat, but may be found in any form.  Her love feels true, but is too often false.  Though she bathes the morning world in light, she is swimming in darkness to do it.  A beautiful dawn will win your heart, but it will always break when it swiftly leaves you, to charm another the very next day.

Titles: Rain Giver, Grower, Drinker, Rager, Seer and Vintner, Patron of the Spring
13th Age Domains: Life
Other Keywords: Agriculture, Creation, Destruction, Dream, Madness, Water, Weather

Osiahn blesses the world with gentle rain and punishes the world with torrential rain.  He makes crops grow, and especially patronizes the vine and those grains destined for beer and liquor.  He drinks deeply.  He may go mad or drive others so.  He may destroy what he creates, and he may bring renewal through destruction.  He sees the future, and he sometimes drinks to forget what has not yet happened. 

Titles: Patron/Patroness of the Wild, The Pathfinder, Dawn Star, Master/Mistress of the Hunt, Avenger
13th Age Domains: Lore, Protection, Strength, Vengeance
Other Keywords: Animal, Plant, Travel, Wilderness

Cipanec may be the wild child of Osiahn.  (S)he has taken to the wild to husband the plants and animals of the wild lands, be they forests, deserts, grasslands or tundra.  Cipanec may hunt with packs of wild animals, or may be found with bow and spear, silently seeking the greatest monsters in the wild.

Titles: The Wanderer, The Knight Errant, The Shooting Star
13th Age Domains: Justice, Protection, Strength,
Other Keywords: Courage, Freedom, Travel

Weller is the wandering hero, sometimes compared to Batash from the House of Light.  Weller, however, is no happy-go-lucky sunbeam.  Weller is the serious wanderer, seeking out injustice with purpose.  Weller rights wrongs, steals from the rich to reward the poor, quests to protect the weak.  The weapons of Weller streak across the darkness is bright flame: sword strokes, arrow flights, javelins, lances.  While Batash has wandering feet because he goes where the wind may blow, Weller declines to settle because there are always more injustices to be set to right.  Weller can be grim and hard on enemies and worshippers alike.

(Next, the House of Twilight, a mix of Dark and Light, Deep Deities and Tricksters)

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