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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inspired by 13th Age: Part Two--The House of Shadow (Dark Gods for Dark Business)

This is the second in a series of posts about a sketch of a cosmology and pantheon for the game 13th Age from Pelgrane Press.  The first post can be found here.

The House of Shadow
NB: The House of Shadow contains all of life’s dark impulses.  The deities expect much of their worshippers, and blood sacrifice is often the least that is expected.  No mortal invokes the Dark Gods without paying a price.

Titles:Dark Empress/Emperor, The Night Wind, Mistress/Master of Shadows, The Dark Reflection
13th Age Domains: Leadership, Protection Strength, Trickery
Other Keywords: Darkness, Magic, Nobility

Tzendras is often said to be the sibling of Urvanobos, though (S)he is  rarely portrayed as a dragon.  Tzendras rewards the impulse to dominate and control.  (S)he is the iron fist that demands obedience.  (S)he may reward the obedient, and pestilence, pain and misfortune will be directed against the disobendient.  All that magic may touch, Tzendras may command.  Tzendras is propitiated throughout the Empire, turned to in desperate times, but never loved.

Titles: Storm of the Underworld, Smiter of Demonkind, Hammer of the Gods
13th Age Domains: Strength, Vengeance, War
Other Keywords: Destruction, Storm, Strife

Thar is the terror of the underworld.  Thar is a brutal, raging berseker of a deity, ready to fight anyone and anything, but especially demons.  He is a necessary evil to the Empire.  As long as his force is directed at the enemies of the empire, his influence can have a positive effect on the lives of the citizens.  When his protection has been unnecessary, the strife and discord that is Thar has turned inward and torn the Empire apart in Age after Age, often lead by Orcs and Half-Orcs.  For now, the demons occupy him and the Crusader is his first worshipper.

Titles: Trumpeter of the Underworld, Judge of the Dead, Keeper of the Law, Herald of the End Times
13th Age Domains:  Death, Lore
Other Keywords: Darkness, Fate, Law
Mikthanos judges and keeps the dead.  The land of death is his.  The sound of his trumpet can shake the Empire and herald the end of an Age.  He keeps the law, but neither justice nor mercy are in his vocabulary.  If human souls may be judged harshly, there he but trifles compared to the punishment he meets out to the demons and demon-touched who come under his domain.

Titles: Goddess of Endings, Witch Goddess, The Poisoner, The Blight, Goddess of the Dark Moon, The Shadow Beauty/Hag
13th Age Domains: Death, Healing, Illusion, Lore
Other Keywords: Earth, Illness, Magic, Poison

Therkat is skilled at the art of death.  She wears many guises, many masks.  She may be a beauty, or a hag.  The dead of night is hers.  Beware the crossroads on the night of no moon.  Her intimacy with poison and disease also gives her the knowledge to cure and heal, for a price.  Many seek her lore, but all but the most depraved or most desperate shun her dark embrace.

Titles: Demon Killer, The Jealous, Volcano Goddess, Mistress of Pain/Pleasure, Wild Destroyer
13th Age Domains: Anti-Undead, Beauty, Destruction, Healing
Other Keywords: Earth, Fertility, Fire, Purification, Torment, Wealth

Raathay is sometimes the consort of Thar.  She is the great Demon killer.  While Thar is the terror of gods, men and demons, Raathay dances on the bodies of Demon-Lords while stringing their teeth and digits as necklaces, bracelets, armlets and ankle chains.  She vomits forth lava and her teeth are obsidian fangs, her nails are razor sharp diamonds.  Her dance carries forth destruction, but leaves behind fertile ground, purified of the taint of the Void (though often of any other living things as well . . .).  When she drops her monstrous visage, she is the greatest beauty of the underworld.  No lesser creature can resist her charms.  No mere mortal can survive her embrace.  No one loves her that does not seek pleasure, but courts torment.

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